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What is an Urban Gondola?

London's Emirates Air Line crosses the Thames. Image from Visit London

Examples of cities that have urban gondola systems include:


Mexico City - Singapore,

Ankara, Turkey - La Paz, Bolivia

Haifa, Israel, and others

Ankara Gondola.png

Gondola technology was originally developed for ski areas and scenic rides but now it is also used for urban transit around the world. 

Hundreds of cabins constantly circle the route on a wire, each with about 10 seats, carrying 4500 people per hour with a great view and a smooth, quiet ride!


Every 20 seconds a cabin arrives, gets off the main wire so that it can slow down for people to exit and board before the cabin gets on the wire again.

Level boarding makes it easy for anybody to hop on, even with a stroller, bike or wheelchair.
People can take the bus to the station, get downtown, and easily continue on another bus or Link light rail, all using the same ticket.

Ankara's gondoa runs above the city. Image from Leitner Ropeways 

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