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What People Are Saying About SkyLink

Bruce Harrell - Mayor-elect Seattle

“I do not think I would entertain a discussion on replacing light rail with a gondola, but it does interest me.  I would like to put some resources behind exploring it. . . It’s very intriguing.  Not as a replacement but in addition to.  So I’m going to look at that closer. “  - West Seattle Chamber of Commerce debate 10/9/2021

Dow Constantine - King County Executive

“I’ve asked for a SkyLink study and will bring a motion to the Sound Transit board.”  - West Seattle Chamber of Commerce debate 10/9/2021

Joe Nguyễn, Candidate for King County Executive

"I do think it should be explored … in addition to light rail." - West Seattle Chamber of Commerce debate 10/9/2021

Jack Miller, Husky Ice Cream & Deli










"Sound Transit should at least give the West Seattle SkyLink gondola option a look! Do the feasibility study."


Conrad Cipoletti,  West Seattle resident

"In a region that is increasingly unaffordable and climate-challenged, young people like me will not support evicting hundreds of families by eminent domain and waiting around on emission-free transit when there is another option to study."

Paul Loeb, author "Soul of a Citizen," 32-year West Seattle resident

“Given repeated delays and cost overruns for the proposed West Seattle segment of Link Light Rail, we need to explore all possible options to connect West Seattle with the rest of Seattle’s transportation system, like the light rail system. Given that other major cities worldwide have integrated gondolas as serious elements of integrated transportation systems and, given that a gondola may allow us to have efficient mass transportation up and running far quicker and at a far lower cost, we need to fully explore this option, to see whether it’s indeed a feasible and cost-efficient transportation choice for West Seattle. It may or may not turn out to be the best option, but we need to at least seriously consider it. “

Bobbie Salveson, West Seattle resident

“I rode the gondola system in La Paz, Bolivia when I visited my son 5 years ago.  Efficient, clean, and a great way to get from one side of the city to the other!  No getting stuck in traffic, quiet – honestly one of the best public transportation systems I’ve experienced.”

Joyce & Jim Riley, West Seattle residents

“The Skylink to West Seattle offers a number of potential advantages over the present light rail considerations including, among other things, a much lower cost, much faster to install, much less destruction of property for its installation, and no need for another bridge. It should be seriously considered as an alternative to light rail to West Seattle.” 

Rick Beaubelle, Seattle Canine Club, SODO BIA Transportation Committee Member 

“This is one of the best ideas I've heard in a long time.  Zero emissions, low cost and who doesn't have fun riding in a gondola." 


Deane Wang, West Seattle resident and Professor emeritus in Natural Resources

“As a member of the 70+ crowd, the situation with the West Seattle bridge and the delayed light rail, makes me feel like the old saying “not in my lifetime.”  While I love the C line from Alaska Junction, it takes almost 45 minutes to get to Pike Place.  This new idea about a SkyLink (cable gondola) that has been used in a few bold cities sounds really exciting and something that can happen for much less money and “in my lifetime.”  In addition, it sounds like fun, and if it gets crowded with tourists, we could always build another.  

 Sound Transit has its momentum with light rail, but the recent mega funding gap should shake up the leadership and open their eyes to new possibilities.”

Dr. Elissa Mullen, ND   Seattle Wellness Programs, West Seattle

"SkyLink Urban Gondola --  a new icon for Seattle and a great, timely, and cost saving addition to transportation!"

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